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Diagnostic – Therapy & Rehabilitation – Athletic & Prevention – Network, Communication & Research – Regeneration

Diagnostics in advance and afterwards, prevention respectively therapy and an individual training must go hand in hand and must be adjusted to each other. This is why Corox collects data concerning the athlete by means of extensive diagnostics; on the one hand in order to prevent injuries and to overcome an injury in a perfectly organized way, but on the other hand also to optimize the performance.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Wittke, leading the laboratory, diagnostic and science of COROX, shoots pictures with different measurements to regulate the individual therapy together with Hans Friedl.


Therefore we want to know how the muscle is working. We use EMG to see the activity of selected muscles. How many muscle fibers are involved in a movement. Side-by-side comparisons of these activity curves can reveal compensation patterns that are not visually apparent.


So we assess compensation patterns, muscle injury, performance, fine coordination and optimize movement patterns.


We use IMUs to record high speed movements, track sprinting, shooting, and throwing movements and examine gait, running and motion.


To get a clear picture of the athlete COROX extends the diagnostic with kinetic analysis: isokinetic measurements and force plates are used and are enlarged with specific field tests on the skillcourt and field.


In adition to that we use a zebris/h/p/cosmos treadmill with integrated pressure distribution to get measurement parameters like: 3D foot pressure, center point of pressure, stance phase, swing phase and subphases, vertical force curve and page comparison, pre/post analysis and norm data comparison.


High Technology body composition measurement completes the picture of the athlete.

With Corox the centre of attention is a human being’s holistic health care. We stick to a clear idea of health, prevention, therapy and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy with Corox means getting to the bottom of the problems, thriving for maximum success and trying to reach sustainable treatment. A healthy and painless body can only be achieved by means of a combination of physiotherapy and a supervised training programme. Here the advantage of the interdisciplinary coordination of Corox becomes evident. The physiotherapist informs one of our sports scientists, the diagnostic staff support the diagnosis or ask further questions about it and together they will help the patient to achieve progress. This close communication between different experts provides the patient with a clear and transparent picture.


Our holistic therapy always wants to get to the bottom of our patients‘ individual health problems and thus to reach the best individually scheduled treatment. We do not just treat symptoms but provide a comprehensive treatment including pain relief, restoration of complete efficiency and acceleration of  regeneration.


„Close contact with our patients, listening to them, analysing their body language, feeling inside and finding the best possible treatment. After an injury or fall and first shock providing a perspective, supporting an athlete, working hard but cooperatively towards a comeback, sharing ups and downs, celebrating the first victory!“ (Hans Friedl, managing director and owner of Corox)


Although each therapeutic treatment is individually adjusted to the athlete’s problems, Corox concentrates its efforts on teaching a lesson which is to perceive and feel one’s own body: „feeel your senses“.


We will manage the way back to normal everyday life in close cooperation with the patient. In addition to this we will further support our patients when the treatment will have ended. Patients will get internet access to Corox membership. There they can watch many training videos and explanations which are individually adjusted to the patient’s problems.

Athletic training at Corox prioritizes the physical abilities power, endurance, agility, bounce, dynamics, maximum power, mobility, speed, coordination, explosiveness and accuracy.

The desired results will only be achieved with comprehensive training and by involving every component.

„The best rehabilitation is prevention“ (Prof. Dr. Andreas Wittke, head of performance and movement monitoring at Corox)

Knowing before an operation how to continue later is our principle. This is why we work together with absolute experts in every subject. The network of Corox by Hans Friedl provides close cooperation with orthopedists, doctors and radiologists. Athletes who suffer from an injury due to a competition at the weekend will get an appointment at a doctor and a radiologists on Monday. This guarantees a fast start of therapy and close surveillance of development.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Wittke is not only in charge of performance and movement monitoring at Corox but is also full-time professor with a chair of high-performance sports at the Deutsche Hochschule für Gesundheit und Sport in Ismaning near Munich. This is why Corox can benefit from a close scientific exchange with different colleges and universities.


Work at Corox is highly influenced by professional training on the job: professional training of our staff at Corox and further education at other institutions like scientific research institutes, clinics, associations, and through coaches, athletes and industry.

Disruption of homeostasis through irritations in training are responsible for adaptive changes of an athlete’s strained systems. This is why an athlete’s long-term success in sports is also dependent on the fact how well and fast an athlete can recover after training or competition, i.e. can regenerate – and furthermore can adjust, i.e. can adapt.


Most athletes must particularly be able to regenerate for physical stress which is close in time: the next training session or competition.


This is why we at Corox optimize the process of regeneration therapeuticly and diagnosticly as well as actively by training and nutrition.


With Ministry of Nutrition we have found a perfect partner concerning our athlete’s nutrition. This is an ideal cooperation and helps us when we work together with the specialists  of different teams.


Nutrition and regeneration, however, are decisive for the renewal of an athlete’s maximum efficiency.

Diagnostic - therapy & rehabilitation - athletic & prevention - network, communication & research - regeneration in one institute – this is an asset which makes Corox unique. Hans Friedl and his team created a system for each patient or athlete, amateur or professional, which consists of state of the art diagnostics of movement and performance, physiotherapy and training of all the athletic capabilities. There is hand in hand communication based on scientific data and thus the process becomes professional, scientifically based and, above all, extremely exciting.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Wittke


"Best possible communication between doctors, therapists and coaches is decisive for success and a fast return to competition. After an injury or an operation the patient needs a professional physiotherapy as fast as possible. The tissue must be repaired, it must be innervated and adressed neurologically so that the smallest element provides segmental stability. Right there sports therapy begins."